ORGANIC SKINCARE SET FOR POST-TREATMENT SKIN: Relieve burning sensations and irritation quickly and effectively with this post-treatment aftercare kit. It is ideal for those who have recently undergone IPL, chemical peels, laser treatment, or fibroblast.



Our kit contains an ultra-calming facial mist and serum, a rejuvenating facial mist and serum, and some SPF 50 sunscreen. Every purchase also includes a mild anti-aging cleanser to help prevent blemishes and soothe the skin with aloe extract. 



DEEPLY SOOTHING AND MOISTURIZING: Designed to assist in wound healing while also reducing redness and irritation, our skincare kit provides quick hydration and instant relief from burning so that you can feel comfortable post-treatment. 


PREVENTS HYPERPIGMENTATION: To ensure that you get the best results from your treatment, our skincare kit prevents hyperpigmentation and scarring for a more even skin tone, while also inhibiting bacteria so that it can heal effectively.  



NATURAL AND CRUELTY-FREE: All PF Nano Botanicals products are non-GMO, cruelty-free, and they’re enriched with natural ingredients to nourish the skin at a cellular level and promote rejuvenation for healthier and more resilient skin with a glowing complexion. 


Post Treatment 7 mm Kit

  • Post-Treatment Mild Cleanser: Begin your skincare routine with the first post-treatment approved face wash to gently remove excess oil and impurities while also protecting the skin from environmental damage. It also promotes a more youthful complexion. 


    Ultra-Calming Mist: To instantly soothe irritation, spritz the ultra-calming mist over the affected area. 


    Soothing Serum: Protect the skin by applying the ultra-calming serum in a thin layer over the affected area. 


    Rejuvenating Mist: Designed to deeply condition the skin, spray the rejuvenating mist over the area to provide a dose of hydration.


    Restoring Serum: Bring the skin back to health by applying the rejuvenating serum over the affected area so that it can heal quickly and effectively as the serum aids to prevent bacteria exposure. 


    SPF 50 Sunscreen: Finish your skincare routine with the protective broad-spectrum sunscreen, which is enriched with phospholipids to accelerate the healing process while also diminishing wrinkles and fine lines. It also features brightening aids for a healthier and more luminous complexion. 


    PF Nano Botanicals pride ourselves on producing cruelty-free, high-quality skincare products using advanced natural ingredients. All of our products are made with care in the USA and are free from mineral oils, parabens, and artificial additives. 


  • Product Description 


    The ultimate skincare solution post-cosmetic treatments, PF Nano Botanicals presents the first pharmaceutical and dermatologist-approved post-treatment aftercare for damaged skin. Formulated using plant stem cells, these products contribute to the proper healing of wounds as well as overall skin health.


    Each kit contains all the products needed to help reduce irritation while aiding faster healing so that you can obtain the best results from your treatment. As well as preventing the treated skin from darkening, PF Nano Botanicals skincare provides cellular nutrition for long-term health and a beautiful complexion.