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3 Ways You May Be Damaging Your Skin

Updated: May 23, 2019

Here at Premier Fibroblast LLC, one of the problems we most often see with our clients is damage that could have been prevented. All too often we see damage from repeated motions that our clients could have avoided, just by being a little aware!

Want to avoid damaging your skin? Here are some of the most common problems, and how to solve them.

Avoid Tech Neck

This silly-sounding name is what we call premature aging due to repeatedly looking down at your phone or other electronic device. When you’re constantly looking down, bending your neck, the delicate skin of your neck can become damaged, and form wrinkles and loose skin early! Protect your neck by making sure you limit your phone time, and make sure you’re regularly moisturizing this fragile area.

Keep Your Back Straight

Not only can bad posture cause back pain and long-term damage to your entire body, but it can also contribute to premature aging. Consistent, repetitive motions can cause damage to your skin, creating an opportunity for aging to sneak in. Remind yourself throughout the day to sit up straight, and remember that bad posture can damage your joints, which can in turn lead to sagging skin at your elbows and knees.

Relax Your Muscles

Be aware of how you’re holding your face! Do you frown unconsciously? You may be contributing to premature forehead wrinkles. Do you consistently drink through a straw? Holding the same facial expression for long periods of time can cause wrinkles if you do it often enough. Be aware of how you’re holding your face, and relax or change it up once in a while - your future self will thank you.

Fighting premature aging is all about awareness. If you know what you’re doing that is contributing to it, you can take steps to prevent it. Want to learn about more steps you can take? Get in contact with one of our experts and we’ll be glad to answer your questions.

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