• Porschea Palmer-Graham

Aging is inevitable but.....

Aging is something we all must face. Whether we like it or not, wrinkles and signs of aging are a fact of life! Fortunately, there are treatments out there, that when combined with some diligent self-care, can make sure that aging doesn’t sneak up on us before it needs to!

Interested in the best way to preserve your treatment and make it last a long time? Let’s look at three preventative measures that can work together with your treatment to preserve a fresh, youthful look!


We know that keeping hydrated is necessary for great skin, but did you know that what you drink isn’t the only important part of your diet when it comes to skincare?

Aging, put simply, is the oxidation of cells. Antioxidants fight this oxidation and can help preserve your skin’s youthful glow. Indulge in antioxidant-rich foods like blueberries and bell peppers to get your antioxidant intake at the right levels!

Get Enough Sleep

Do you sleep enough? Studies show that most people don’t! Sleep is one of the body’s most important processes. It’s basically the body’s damage control! If you want to avoid long-term aging problems, then make sure you’re getting a good eight hours of sleep. Your body can’t repair itself if you don’t allow it to!

Eat Enough Fat

That seems counter intuitive

. Growing up, we’ve been taught that fat is bad, and we must avoid it at all costs, but not so! Studies have shown that getting enough healthy fats - like you would find in avocados, fatty fish, and walnuts - makes your skin look more radiant, improves circulation, and keeps your skin looking younger!

In the long run, anti-aging treatments only last if you encourage them to. If you want to make them work for you in the long run, make sure you’re pampering yourself from the inside out with the things that keep you looking young! Check out some great products to protect your skin at our online store. Would you like a noninvasive boost of collagen? Check out our Services here.

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