• Porschea Palmer-Graham

3 Causes of Premature Aging

Ever wonder what causes premature aging? If you’re looking to prevent aging before your time, it’s a good idea to be educated on what can cause your skin to look older before it must!


You’ve heard it all your life, from parents, from trainers, and from doctors...stay hydrated! Drinking enough water is good for you in a lot of ways, but did you know staying hydrated can protect your skin from aging? Even when you do start to collect wrinkles, those wrinkles will be less visible on hydrated skin that is plump and moisturized!

Make sure you’re getting at least eight glasses of water a day and invest in a good moisturizer. Our PF3 Hydrating shield (makeup primer shield) is amazing at protecting and moisturizing your skin. Apply it at least twice a day, morning and night, and any time your skin feels dry!


Smoking has a lot of ill effects on your health, but one particularly nasty one is that it will cause you to look much older than you do, so ditch those smokes as soon as you can! It can be difficult to quit, we know, but it will be so much healthier for you in the long run. You’ll extend the length of your life, and you’ll look much younger!

Sun Exposure

It’s no secret that sun exposure is no good for your skin, but did you know that doesn’t just mean when you go out for a swim? Any time you go out, you should have some low-grade sunscreen on. That will help protect your skin, especially the skin of your face, providing a constant protective barrier against aging’s greatest enemy...UV rays!

If that sounds like a lot, consider just using a moisturizer with sunscreen already in it. SPF 15 is just fine for most people and getting it in your moisturizer means you’re saving time and money! We offer a great SPF 50 Post Treatment Sunscreen that is also for everyday use.

Just avoiding these three hazards can do wonders for your skin! If you’re looking for something even nicer to do for your skin, check out our natural, skin-friendly anti-aging procedures here!

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