Protect and Renew



Discover the Difference Nature Makes

You will soon discover the difference with Advance MEI Refreshed skincare product line. Our Advance PF Nano Botanical Technology has effective bacteria inhibitors, reduces redness, swelling, ach and itching. You will be appreciative in knowing it will work to renew your cells with its cellular nutrition. With active cells, it can quickly recover wounds. PF Nano Botanical blocks histamine secretion and balance cell cosmotic pressure. MEI Refreshed Skincare line will reveal luminous skin complexion, moisturize and tighten as it renews.


The principals of Skin inflammation and skin wounds: Skin cell secretion of histamine deliver a message to the central nervous system. Secretion progesterone E1.E2 & epinephrine. Produce swelling, red hot, pain, itching and other phenomena. With this said it enables organizing of tissue fluid secretion, resulting in the wound rendering tissue fluid infiltration, exudation phenomenon. The Nano metal binding sites and inflammatory factors reduce the inflammation and relieve the pain mechanisms! We can go on forever about how wonderful Nano Technology is in repairing your cells, so instead of boring you will just say this product kit is amazing at repairing your skin during post treatment.

Never Tested 
on Animals

MEI Refreshed Product line is not tested on any animals! It is dermatologist, Pharmacist and chemist endorsed. As also pharmaceutical approved product line. Each product is tested for it's accuracy and renewal factors. You will be pleased with the product, as you see the difference quickly after using it.